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Our CCTV Systems

Our CCTV surveillance provides live and stored footage which is of a truly outstanding quality, regardless of daytime or night time lighting conditions. Our software enables you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world with the latest app software.

CCTV Installations and Tailoring

Lancs Security can install or upgrade existing systems, tailoring the service to the customer’s needs, with systems ranging in size from two cameras for smaller properties to an unlimited amount for larger or commercial properties.

Locations Covered

Our CCTV installers cover the entire Accrington Area, feel free to call us for a quotation or use the link below to obtain an online quote. 

Home or Business

Our expert cctv installers are completely qualified to work on any business premises and residential property. If you would like to see proof from any of our installers, feel free to ask and we’ll provide.


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